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of sprinkles there. that's essentially where we see a gusty wind in washington. that is now starting to spread to the east. here in washington, the immediate area, northern virginia lower hanging clouds. looks like it might rain. a sprinkle drop is the most you will see but basically our threat of storms over washington are pretty much done with. we may see redevelopment of storms as these storms that are over northwestern maryland, panhandle, this is in parts of pennsylvania to waynesboro to the east at 35 miles an hour and martinsburg, hagerstown, i- 81 seeing a thunderstorm there and extending showers in to west virginia. it is off of these storms that i think as they roll to the east through the evening hours we might have isolated chances. the same corridor and we have strong thunderstorms. no severe thunderstorm for the
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immediate area. looks great if you are heading to the game. i will will have the complete forecast in a few minutes [ bells tolling ] >> today we mark the third anniversary of the mass murders at virginia tech during a ceremony at the state capital, virginia governor read a proclamation honoring the 38 people who died and the small crowd that gathered with mcdonnell say it is hard for them still. >> it is very private grief. i think everybody -- unless you had a connection to the school it is hard to understand but it is still hard. >> reporter: governor mcdonnell declared the state would observe the virginia tech remembrance day each april 16th during his term. investigators say the shaw middle school principal found dead in his home in silver spring overnight may have known
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his killer. co-workers found the body of 42- year-old brian betts in his home on columbia road after he didn't show up for work. audrey is live on the scene with the latest on the investigation. >> reporter: detective and forensic technician driving the white van are back inside of betts home here on columbia road in silver spring searching for evidence. it it is the third murder in the same house in the lasting ayears. the victim this time, brian betts a beloved principal in shaw middle school who people who know him describe as a superstar among school officials. opportunities and staff at shaw middle school are taking news of their principal's death very hard. >> he was a great person and very nice and kind. you know, like he would help you when you needed help or whatever. and all around a great person. >> he would like know how to cheer us up if we were sad or calm us down if we were mad.
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he was a great person. >> reporter: 42-year-old brian betts was already having a impact here. he was lured from montgomery county schools in 2008 to try to improve the under-performing school. >> what do you think will happen to your school now that he is gone. >> i don't know. it is going to fall apart. >> reporter: last year's 8th grade class was so attached to him they petitioned chancellor rhee to let them stay at shaw for ninth grade. more than 100 took them up on that. >> you are one of the ninth graders that said i want to stay another year with mr. betts. >> reporter: was it worth it? >> yeah. >> now the schools will have to start over without the man many said had taken it from the darkness in to the light. >> they no other principal can be as good as him. >> he has very big shoes to fill. >> yes. >> a lot of students and the staff i spoke with today called him irreplaceable. detectives say betts was shot at least once.
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his car, a blue nissan xterra, year 2007. it was taken along with key items they hope will lead to his killer. >> is there any connection between this investigation and the murder that took place in the same home back in 2002? >> right now detectives say there doesn't appear to be a connection. 9-year-old erika smith and her dad greg russell were shot to death during a burglary in 2002. their killer anthony killly who was convicted is serving time and he is still in prison tonight. >> thank you for that. now to new allegations tonight against prince georges county police department in the wake of that caught on tape police beating of a university of maryland student. a concerned mother is stepping up saying it happened to her son, too. but she fears the circumstances will mean her case won't get the attention it deserves. scott broom has the details. >> reporter: it's the infamous video of jack mckenna, grandson
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of a prominent judge beaten during a post-game disturbance in college park on march 3rd. >> first thing that came to my mind, those guyses aren't picking and choosing who they beat. >> i thought it is because my son was a black kid in a bad neighborhood, now i see they don't pick and choose. >> reporter: debra brown the mother of napoleon peterson also badly injured in an encounter on new year's eve. brown filed this internal affairs complaint after she says her son's car was rammed by police, he was beaten and charged with felony assault when he balked at stopping for an unmanaged car in a bad neighborhood. the charges against peterson were dropped but unlike the university of maryland case there's no video. >> we have had new procedures put in place. >> reporter: prince georges county police say the case is being investigated thoroughly and will be reviewed by an independent civilian review board. they say after years of monitoring with a clean bill of health the department can be
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counted on to police itself. >> one isolated incident is not going to take us back. >> we see repeated misconduct of the same type. >> reporter: but the attorney on the board of the american civil liberties union says nothing has change. >> the aclu has seen an up tick since 2005 in complaints against prince georges county and a failure of leadership at the highest levels. >> reporter: despite the aclu's number, police report the internal affairs use of force complaints are down 60 % in the last year but the lawyers say the number that really counts is how many times a police department what been dragged in to court and by that count there's been no sign of change. scott broom, 9 news now. debra brown says her family will be filing a civil suit against prince georges county police. the washington teachers union is going to court over recent layoffs and budget cuts. at a press conference today, union officials said they want the court to reopen records involving the system's budget.
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last fall rhee laid off 286 -- 266 teachers over a reported budget short fall. earlier this week, officials announced a $34 million budget surplus. let's check in with patranya bhoolsuwan and find out how the evening rush hour is shaping up. >> if you are planning to hit i- 95 to go home or out of town you may want to wait a while. it is very congested all the way from springfield to triangle. an hour and a half commute right now and this is just volume. no accidents. add a crash to that and it will be very messy. in maryland a tough spot to be right now. bw parkway northbound delays all the way to 50 and the other is on the outer loop blocking the left lane. 270, quite a bit of congestion approaching montgomery village avenue. also breezy commute. a lot of drivers complaining about that one. back to you. caught on tape a brutal bus
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attack. the victim is pummeled and no one helps. >> and a tanker firework that shut down a major interstate four miles. those stories ahead on 9 news now at 6:00. stay with us. [ crowd cheering ]
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a huge cloud of volcanic ash turned much of europe in to a no-fly zone. airlines operating out of dulles and other airports cancelled hundreds of flights to europe. worldwide airlines cancelled 17,000 flites in the past couple of days and could be a few more days before the skies are safe for flying again. >> i think everyone is united around the risk and safety being our number one priority we had to take the precautions that we did. >> it is like sand paper without the paper. sucked in to a jet's engine it can melt and fuse causing the
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engine to stall or flame out. most people think trip insurance helps in a situation like this but when nature is involved there are limitations. travel agents say acts of god, which volcanic situation is, gives the travel carrier an out. so if your flight doesn't take off or you get stuck because of weather there are no guarantees and if you booked your flight on-line you may have to negotiate everything on your own. so, if you did that be sure to call the customer service number on them site immediately even if your flight is booked for the next week or the week after that. travelocity tells us they have put a task force in place. they are alerting customers and trying to get them reassigned. have you mailed back your federal census form? the census bureau says this is the last day to mail in the form to avoid getting a knock on the door from a census taker. they will hit the streets starting may 1st and come to households that missed the mail deadline. up next, the child porn
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scandal at a montgomery county middle school. and after the break you will hear from the principal of that school and what he says about this punishment of the students involved. stay with us.
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to help avoid dental problems, act daily. new information about the devastating earthquake in china. the death toll from wednesday's quake is up to 1144. the number comes from the country's state media agency. the quake shook the western part of the country. the state news also reports 417 people remain missing. rescuers reached two people stuck in the rubble for hours. a 13-year-old tibetan girl was pulled from a toppled hotel and a 43-year-old woman was freed after trapped with no food or water for 53 hours. an explosion killed 29 miners last week. mine safety and health administration inspectors visited 30 underground massey mines in west virginia, kentucky and virginia.
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violations include conveyer belt problems at a west virginia mine where a fire killed two men in 2006 and a kentucky mine was cited for allowing coal ducts to pile up. massey had no immediate response on friday. closer to home, a sexting scandal rocks anyon scale community. we brought you the story last night at 6:00. school students bought and sold news photos of female nude students. they said they were girls from pyle and neighboring walt whitman high the principal at pyle said he was alerted to the pictures on the student's ipod touch by another concerned student. police say 7th and 8th grade boys were selling the images for 3 to $15. pyle said he talked to most of the students and their parents connectedded to the scandal. >> it is not about punishment but concern. concern about students who made poor choices and students who will have to live with pictures being out there that i don't think they want to be out
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there. and concern about addressing this in a responsive way to make sure those students are okay. >> investigators will not say how many youngsters are involved but students say it is between ten and 30 kids the principal will say the children have been provided consequences but will not say how they were disciplined. he was in a position of trust, a federal law enforcement agent and tonight he is facing two child porn charges. they say sergeant sergeant bell was distributing child porn from the computers in his woodbridge town home and his neighbors simply can't believe it. >> it makes it worse because the police officer is supposed to be somebody you can trust and somebody you can go to. >> reporter: bell is out on bond facing one state count of possessing child porn and another of distributing it. the commonwealth attorney says he maybe hit with federal charges which carry even more time in prison. well, a bus rider is robbed
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and beaten and no one comes to his aid. the whole thing was caught on tape. it happened in kent, washington. the footage shows a teenager grabbing a cell phone of a man and then taking off. two of his accomplices are seen blocking the victim from getting though the scene. but the victim managed to break free and chase the thief off of the bus. now, a different view shows the victim being attacked outside of the bus and the people on the bus sat and watched. >> nobody came off the bus. everyone just let it go, you know. >> how do you feel about that? >> i think, honestly that's the part that is most disturbing to me. >> reporter: the victim has some soreness. police arrest the teenager that stole his cell phone but others have not been brought in. a tanker fire shut down the highway in spartanburg, south carolina. investigators say the fire was sparked by a malfunction in the axle area. the driver escaped unharmed.
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well, we are talking about the forecast for today. i have particular interest about sunday because that's the march for babies out in reston, starts at 9:00. i will be there. a lot of folks will gather and they want to know what's the weather going to be like. >> bundle up. it will be chilly. no doubt about that. but at least the rain will be holding off. it is picture perfect at least in the skies for our forecast at that time. you will see it here first. sunday morning is awfully chilly. high of 59. i think we will see the temperatures around the reston area particularly around 40 degrees. the next three days for the rest of us there it is breezy and cool, no matter where we are compared to a mid 80-degree day today. the winds really strengthen as we go saturday and sunday. and the cool temperatures are here on monday. i want to show you the evening forecast here. an isolated thunderstorm, and scattered thunderstorm is possible north. i will show you where in a bit. otherwise those areas around montgomery county south, remaining dry, breezy and warm.
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that includes the washington metro and south. southern maryland, parts of northern virginia and northern neck. an evening you will enjoy. temperatures in the mid-70s. and then in the 50s to start things off and the winds gust up as we get to tomorrow afternoon. 20 to 30-mile an hour sustained winds and gusts higher than that. we are topping out lower to mid- 60s. a lot of sunshine to go through on saturday but cooler. satellite and radar together. i want to show you the thunderstorms. severe thunderstorms right there that rolled through. gaithersburg, montgomery, howard and carroll county in parts of maryland and eventually toward baltimore. those showers are dying out. a second round of storms and these are strong storms. go to doppler 9000. north beach seeing a little shower activity. maybe heavier rain and maybe a clap of thunder. that's the dying line of the thunderstorms that rolled through earlier. that is south of washington. these are the stronger
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thunderstorms that we can park a second round of storms over maryland later on tonight. we have thurmont, some strong storms. these are moving east at 35 miles an hour. rain toward smithsburg and hagerstown. had wind gusts reported toward martinsburg and eastern west virginia. that's been upwards of 55 to 60- mile an hour wind gusts. and you see the trailing line. that i am watching closely to bring in a chance of storms over maryland. gaithersburg, montgomery and frederick county and howard county. washington south we will see this line die out and not see much in from the thunderstorms. the steven day forecast on the weather computer. there you see the chance of an isolated storm tonight. once we are done with that the weather is windy and cool through the weekend. what i want you to take away from the forecast there is the isolated storm mainly north of washington but the windy cooler weekend is coming your way. >> thank you for that. well, what happened to alex ovechkin last night.
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>> look mortal didn't he? it is what happens when they drape two guys all over you. how montreal neutralized ove, the two-time mvp speaks out on the topic today. and for all the heinous things philly fans have done over the years you will not believe what one did on wednesday here at 9 sports. it ain't good. (announcer) we're in the energy business.
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but we're also in the showing-kids- new-worlds business. and the startup-capital-
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for-barbers business. and the this-won't- hurt-a-bit business. because we don't just work here. we live here. these are our families. and our neighbors. and by changing lives we're in more than the energy business we're in the human energy business. chevron. it's time for nine sports with brett haber, the best sports in town. so, no one in the nhl had more shots on goal this year than ovechkin. over the course of 82 games in the regular season the number of times alex was held shotless is once which is why caps fans were dumfounded when the greater player in the world was skunked. he was shotless and pointless for the first time in his playoff career as the montreal defense smothered him with a
6:26 pm
double team just about every time he stepped on the ice. that's why the caps are in a one-game hole. the question is how do they fix it for game two. >> it's always my fault. i didn't play my game. and i didn't play well. i think for whatever reason it just wasn't his night and they did a good job of shutting him down but knowing alex, he's going to find a way to get it done. >> i think we are making mountains out of mole hills. just had a bad game and they played very well against them and, you know, and hopefully it will be a little different tomorrow. >> reporter: so the haves have stolen home ice advantage. five times previously the caps have lost game one of the series at home and in three of the five cases including last year the caps came back to win the series. don't despite. olson summed it up after zimmerman's pinch hit home run soared out of the park last
6:27 pm
night. what else can you say franchise did it again. he hadn't played since saturday. in the 8th wriggleman called his number to pinch hit and he delivered and won the game for the nats. they are 4-5 respectable. the bad news is we saw riggleman's lineup card for tonight and zimmerman is not in it so the hamstring is not fully healed. listennen making his third start of the year. meanwhile it is not exactly a galloping shock to washingtonians that sports fans in philly can get liquored up and turn in to the most vial characters on earth but what happened at the game on wednesday may have been the worst ever. a man took his 11-year-old daughter to the game. when he asked a neighboring fan there to lighten up on the foul
6:28 pm
language that fan, 21-year-old matthew clemens pictured here attacked him and stuck his finger down his throat and intentionally vomited on him and his daughter and even in philly that gets you arrested. >> i turned around and i saw the most disgusting thing that i ever saw in my life. he had his fingers down his throat intentionally trying to make himself vomit. he leaned forward. he projectile vomited all over me and my daughter. >> i'm sorry you had to hear that but that is the most vial thing i have ever heard of and only in philly. and a nearby fan caught this chase utley home run ball and gave it to the man's daughter. nice gesture but i'm not sure it makes up for part a of the evening they are the little girl girl. as previously reported campbell
6:29 pm
is not attending as he seeks a trade but he told the post today he is studying shanahan's play book in case he stays. skins resigned kendrick today. from the canucks game lance night. sadine was the leading scorer but last night he got turned in to a sedine kabob. the stick is stuck in his helmet and he can't get it out. it is stuck in there. hard to score when you have a stick hanging off of your head. >> i'm stuck on the that awful awful story. >> one word to explain it, silly. >> we don't roll like that. >> we don't roll that way. that's it for us. the cbs evening news with katie couric is next. derek will see you at 7:00. have a great weekend.

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